Grilled Whole Fish With Fresh Herbs

The Fresher the Better

I love fresh fish. In almost every form. Served as ceviche, in a sushi roll, smoked, fried, grilled, you name it… It is also one of those win win kind of foods where you can eat something super tasty while maintaining a healthy diet.
The secret with fish is to eat it as fresh as you can, the fresher the better. So don’t get it at the frozen section in the supermarket, go to your local fishmonger, talk to him and choose the best fish for you.

Meagre Fish

When I went today to the fishmonger he offered a few good options – a White Grouper, Seabass and Meagre. The grouper is always a winner, however it was way too big to fit as a whole on my grill. so I took a few fairly small (about 700gm each) meagre fish. This is a very tasty, very “meaty” white fish that was caught earlier today in the mediterranean sea.

fish with herbs

Grilling a whole fish is a fairly easy task, especially if the fish is not very big. I like to keep it very simple and not to make it into something too fancy. I fill the fish with fresh herbs, garlic and slices of lemon, season it with salt and pepper, some lemon zest and most important – spread a nice amount of olive oil inside-out for the taste and so it won’t stick to the grill.

fish-on-grill5 Fish with Herbs fish-on-grill6 fish-on-grill7 fish-on-grill4 fish-on-grill8 fish-on-grill3 fish-on-grill9

Let’s Cook

Fresh white fish
Handful of fresh thyme
Handful of fresh parsley
Few cloves of garlic
Sea salt and ground pepper

fish on grill ingredients

Make sure that the fish is clean. Fill it with roughly crushed garlic, couple of slices of lemon, fresh herbs, salt, pepper, and drizzle some olive oil inside. From the outside, grate some lemon zest, season it with salt and pepper and spread a generous amount of olive oil on both sides.

Heat the grill until it reaches a crazy-hot temperature, spread oil on the net using a cloth or better, use a fresh onion (cut into half) to apply the oil. Do it a couple of times to make sure that the fish won’t stick. Place the fish on the grill, apply olive oil on the fish every couple of minutes. After 7-10 minutes Gently flip the fish on the other side, make sure it is well oiled. leave it to cook for about 5 more minutes while applying oil and gently take it off the grill.

Serve with ice-cold beer and enjoy.

All photos in this post were taken by Elad Baranga AKA barangapix

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